Tavern Master

Tavern Master Free Download

Tavern Master Free Download
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Tavern Master PC/System Requirements
  • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 1.8 GHz
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 256 MB DirectX®9.0–compliant card
  • Storage: 2 GB available space
  • Sound Card: DirectX 9.0
Game Info
Tavern Master Download For PC is a strategy game developed and published by Untitled Games. Tavern Master Game Download was released on 16 Nov 2021. Buy tables and benches, fill the barrels with drinks, hire staff and you are ready to serve your first customers. Make sure your employees are happy, that there are enough drinks and places for guests and you will soon be able to expand your business in various ways. Build a kitchen and hire cooks to start serving all kinds of food. Make sure there are enough ingredients or your customers might get upset. Organize special events to attract special customers who have very specific requirements for food and beverages. They will come in the morning and stay all day.
Tavern Master Free For PC
Hire musicians to attract more people to your tavern and make your customers more patient while they wait for a drink. You will have many tools to help you create a tavern. perfect. There are many walls, floors, fences, stairs, and furniture that will make each tavern unique. At first, there won’t be enough gold to buy the best quality furniture, but as your business grows, so will your tavern! Like a cherry on top, make sure you think of an amazing name for it. To attract customers, you will need to have enough seats and tables with a light source nearby. The surrounding area should also look beautiful, and the decorations will help in this regard. At some point, a lot of guests will come and it is important that your staff can serve everyone before they leave upset because of the too-long wait. To do this, you will need to design the space so that there is an effective way for your employees to go on an optimized route.
Tavern Master For Free
Some of the guests will want to spend the night, so it’s a great thing that you can create rooms with beds in your tavern! Each room will be rated with stars from 1 to 5, which will determine how much money you can earn from guests. It is your choice if you want to create large rooms with 5 beds or smaller rooms with expensive furniture, which will make guests spend more money. There are many different possibilities in Tavern Master PC Game and there is no single best way to play. You can spend your time decorating the tavern and making it look comfortable and beautiful, you can work to maximize revenue by adjusting seat arrangements, prices, and staff salaries, or you can find a whole new way, such as building just bedrooms instead of having a bar. and the kitchen.
Tavern Master Full Version

How To Download And Install Tavern Master For PC

  1. Download The game from our website.
  2. Extract the game by using WinRAR.
  3. Run”.exe” to install the game.
  4. During installation follow the instructions.
  5. Wait till the installation is complete.
  6. Play it & Enjoy.

Tavern Master PC Download Setup

Game File Size: 549 MB
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