From the Depths

From the Depths Free Download

From the Depths Free Download

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From the Depths PC/System Requirements
  • OS: Windows7
  • Processor: Intel Core2 Duo 2.0 GHz
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT
  • Storage: 3 GB available space
Game Info
From the Depths Download For PC is a building game developed and published by Brilliant Skies. From the Depths Game Download was released on 6 Nov 2020. In From the Depths you can build and take command of first-person battleships, planes, spaceships, hot air balloons, and more! The game features a wide variety of single-player content. A creative mode that allows you to push your designs to the limit and ensure the total destruction of your opponents. A strategic campaign was waged across hundreds of islands against eight unique factions. A Story Mode where you can play some action missions that focus on upgrading a design to fulfill a role. Adventure mode is where you start on a raft and have to build your fleet and explore a dangerous universe fighting or escaping enemy fleets.
Design and build your fleet, castle, and buildings as you wish. There are currently over 1000 unique component blocks, including 38 different components to make missiles, torpedoes, depth charges, and bombs and 34 different components to make the ultimate cannonball.
From the Depths Free For PC
The sky’s the limit, you can automate your vehicle with cannons, lasers, mines, bombs, missiles, torpedoes, propellers, rudder, jet engines, wings, hydrofoils, hot air balloons, anchors, plotters, repair bots, and air pumps. control blocks and many, many more. Physics – every block destroyed or added affects the functionality, physics, and control of the vehicle. Drag, random tensors, buoyancy, and closed sections are all based on the design of your vehicle and the damage that has been reproduced. Be part of a fantastic community with new releases made once a week. Organized community challenges and sharing plans make it an extremely friendly place to hang out. Lots of single-player and multiplayer content to use your designs (campaigns, co-op campaigns, missions, adventures). Design your own planet maps/campaigns/missions/multiplayer using the planet editor or easily add your own mods using a fully integrated mod interface.
From the Depths For Free
Custom missiles, bombs, depth charges, and torpedoes combine a variety of warheads, fuse types, IR seekers, laser beam riders, laser designators, launchers, navigation algorithms, sonar seekers, ground warheads, and torpedoes to form a network with delivers real talent. Design cannons by combining four barrel types and lengths with autoloaders, warhead types, ammo boxes, and auxiliary components to create everything from AA cannons to howitzers. AIs are designed by combining an AI mainframe with ‘AI cards’ embedded in motherboard blocks. Add radar detection, laser detection, tracking, and local weapon controllers to give partial or full control to the AI.
From the Depths Full Version
Create anything from a fully AI-controlled airship to a battery-powered drone. Design custom engines using camshafts, cylinders, carburetors, superchargers, exhausts, and fuel injectors. Electric motors, generators, and chargers are also available to provide power and support drones. Such systems are used to create anti-vehicle and anti-missile lasers, drills that can cut even the largest warships in half, Particle Cannons, Jet engines, and more.

How To Download And Install For PC?

  1. Download The game from our website.
  2. Extract the game by using WinRAR.
  3. Run”.exe” to install the game.
  4. During installation follow the instructions.
  5. Wait till the installation is complete.
  6. Play it & Enjoy.

From the Depths PC Download

Game File Size: 1.67 GB
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